Enfold – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

Enfold is a clean, super flexible and fully responsive WordPress Theme (try resizing your browser), suited for business websites, shop websites, and users who want to showcase their work on a neat portfolio site. The Theme is built on top of the fabulous Avia Framework and offers support for the WPML MULTI LANGUAGE plugin, just in case…

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Author: KriesiPrice: $59

Enfold - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme - 1

Enfold - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme - 2

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Enfold - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme - 4

Enfold - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme - 5

Enfold - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme - 6

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Enfold is a cleansuper flexible and fully responsive WordPress Theme (try resizing your browser), suited for business websites, shop websites, and users who want to showcase their work on a neat portfolio site. The Theme is built on top of the fabulous Avia Framework and offers support for the WPML MULTI LANGUAGE plugin, just in case you need it

It comes with a plethora of options so you can modify layout, styling, colors and fonts directly from within the backend. Build your own clean skin or use one of 18 predefined skins right out from your WordPress Admin Panel. Font, background and color options as well as the dynamic template builder will help you create the Website you need in no time. In addition to the global options you can set unique styling options for each entry as seen in the theme demo

Key Features Overview

  • Clean, Modern Design can be used for any type of website
  • Unique Drag and Drop Template Builder, built only for this theme. Almost any layout imaginable is possible. Also comes with a ton of Unique elements for the template Builder:
    • Columns, Slider, Buttons, Gallery, team, Tabs, Toogles, Accordions, Pricing and Data Tables, Call to Action Buttons, Testimonials and many more. (To avoid confusion: this is a Content Editor. Header and Footer are not managed this way)
  • Ajax Instant Search: user get results while typing
  • Translation ready with mo/po files
  • WooCommerce Ready: add your own Shop and sell anything from digital Goods to Coconuts
  • WooCommerce Bookings Support for time and date based bookings
  • WPML plugin ready:WPML Plugin, in case your business needs a multi language site
  • Responsive designs that addapts to smaller devices (iphone, ipad)
  • Retina Ready: Looks beautiful on smarthpones and tablets
  • Deactivate responsive features with one click in your backend
  • WordPress Multisite enabled
  • Mailchimp Newsletter Integration
  • Events Calendar and Events Calendar Pro Integration
  • 2D + 3D Layerslider Slideshow (Layerslider Plugin included)
  • 2D Easy Slider for slideshow creation in seconds
  • All slideshows optimized for mobile devices (hardware accelerated CSS3 slider)
  • Post Format Support: Standard, Image, Video, Gallery, Link, Quote
  • Multiple Slideshows possible. You can add multiple to each post, page or portfolio entry
  • 20+ predefined skins, easy to edit and modify. Any number of skins possible
  • Video Support: Supports Videos from any major video hosting service
  • Video Slideshows with support for Youtube, Vimeo and self hosted videos
  • Visual Shortcode editor with preview function, tons of shortcodes like pricing tables, columns, buttons etc
  • Unlimited Color Options with Backend Color Picker for any kind of gorgeous color settings.
  • Unique unlimited sidebars for each page/category possible
  • User Manual, short videos and professional theme support by me and my team to fix any kind of problems
  • Unlimited Portfolio Pages. Also supports Ajax Portfolio
  • Free Lifetime Updates and access to our support forum
  • Growing community in our support forum:over 50000 registered users, 85000 Topics, 350000 Posts. We do care that your site works and answer every post!
  • jQuery 100% unobtrusive wich degrades gracefully if javascript is turned off
  • Contact Form Builder: Modify your contact form from your backend: add/remove/modify the available inputs, textareas, dropdowns and checkboxes
  • SEO Optimized: our Code is built with SEO best practice in mind: headings, heavy internal linking, google rich snippets and so much more
  • Advanced Typography Options
  • Wide & Boxed Layout Versions
  • Advanced Header Options
  • Child theme support for easy customization, that is not affected by theme updates. You can download a very basic child theme here
  • more than 30 PSDs included with almost every page template you see in the “Enfold Default Demo”
  • RTL stylesheet for languages that are read from right to left like Arabic, Hebrew, etc
  • 20+ different Language Files included:
    • English
    • German
    • Czech
    • Danish
    • Spanish
    • French
    • Italian
    • Japanese
    • Dutch
    • Portugese
    • Romanian
    • Russian
    • Swedish
    • Turkish
    • Korean
    • Arabic
    • Norsk
    • Persian
    • Simplified Chinese
    • Traditional Chinese
  • Clean Programming: Well organized, commented & clean code
  • Focus on typography, usability and user-experience
  • Tested with WPML, Gravitforms, WP Supercache and many other common plugins
  • Extensive documentation
  • Growing Video Tutorial Library- A great place to start are our narrated HD Video Tutorials
  • The option to decide what updates the theme will receive next by suggesting and voting on features: http://www.kriesi.at/support/enfold-feature-requests/

SEO (Search engine optimization)

The theme is built with SEO best practices in mind. It uses clean, semantical and valid HTML code and CSS so search engines can index the content of your site with ease. Important content is always placed before unimportent in your source code (eg: Blog Post content before Sidebar), Headlines are wrapped in heading tags (h1, h2, h3 etc) to signalise their importance to search engines. 

The site also uses heavy internal site linking, which is also of vital for search engines (related posts, primary and secondary navigation menus, footer navigation, etc) With this WordPress Template you are well equipped to get a high google ranking and attract visitors to show them your fantastic work


This is a responsive theme, able to adapt its layout to the screen size of your visitors. (try resizing the screen and see for yourself) The Slideshows for this theme are also touch enabled and hardware accelerated, which means they are working super sleek on mobile device like ipad or iphone

Support and Documentation

The theme comes with an extensive help file to help you understand how it works. If you encounter any problems or have questions once you purchased the theme feel free to drop us a notice at http://www.kriesi.at/support

We have 12000 registered members that often help out faster than we can. Nevertheless you will always recieve a response from me or my support team. More than 100000 Posts show that we do care that your site works fine

A short notice: The reasons I have chosen to use my own forum are quite simple:

  1. Themeforest support threads are not searchable. Since most questions are asked over and over again a searchable forum will greatly enhance your experience since the answer to your question might already be there.
  2. Second Reason: people can’t respond to each other at themeforest to help each other out, which often happens on the support forums.

Hope you are happy with the theme. Have fun editing it
Best regards


External scripts and resources used

  • Layerslider WP
  • Main Icon set: Entypo Icon Font
  • Some Iconsets made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com
  • flickr creative commons library pictures by: codyR, kretyen, mescon, obskura, freya23, amir K, Tambako the Jaguar, jaeWalk
  • dribbble Portfolio Pictures by Dash
  • Please Note: Most images in the theme demo are stock photos from photodune which are not part of the theme


Dec. 17th 2021 – Version

feature: new options for ALB Partner/Logo like border, boxshadow, ...

tweak: ALB Magazine allow heading to select linking options
tweak: Theme options responsive typo tab - allow to enter any css units (not only px)

added: playsinline attribute for HTML videos with autoplay enabled

fixed: ALB Magazine element - Tags/Categories/Author showing when not selected
fixed: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function get_cart() on null (WooCommerce)
fixed: translation error in Dutch language file which was causing critical error


added: theme support 'avia_options_extended_typography' - replaces selectboxes with input fields for more flexibility of CSS units
added: filter 'avf_el_styling_responsive_font_size_skip' - see https://github.com/KriesiMedia/enfold-library/blob/master/actions%20and%20filters/Layout/avf_el_styling_responsive_font_size_skip.php
added: filter 'avf_html5_autoplay_mobile' - allows to remove attributes "autoplay playsinline" 
added: logic to support post css file for alb objects that need a secondary query (like sliders)
updated for post css file:
  - Partner/Logo

10. Dec. 2021 – Version 4.8.8

feature: add filesize and dimension to media library list view
feature: Options to display ALB textblock content in columns and text alignment
feature: theme options for responsive typography h1 - h6, Default Content Font Size (General Styling -> Typography tab)
feature: ALB Icon Grid new options for border, box shadow, responsive behaviour, ....

tweak: set focus to input field when opening popup search box from menu
tweak: ALB Animated Numbers add responsive font sizes
tweak: ALB Timeline add responsive font sizes for content
tweak: tag archive page change tag list title to "Tag Archive: ...." when page title is not shown
tweak: ALB magazine use the_content filter for excerpt in bigger displayed entry, minor CSS fixes

SEO improvement: remove hidden post metadata from html (not only hide with CSS)
   - added: filter 'avf_post_metadata_array' - modify output of all post metadata (https://github.com/KriesiMedia/enfold-library/blob/master/actions%20and%20filters/Basic%20Templates/Layout/avf_post_metadata_array.php)
   - added: filter 'avf_post_metadata_seperator' - modify seperator between post metadata
   - added: filter 'avf_show_author_meta' - show/hide output of author meta data (change theme options setting)

accessibility: added missing role="menu" and role="menuitem" 
accessibility: new theme option Extensions -> Accessibility -> "Accessibility Conformance Level" 
accessibility: fixed some warnings when Conformance Level = AAA

fixed: PHP bug with sprint format %s S
fixed: pagination in ALB Page Split broken (frontend and preview)
fixed: notice trying to access array offset on value of type bool in enfold/template-builder.php
fixed: open custom link in new window not working in ALB Gallery element
fixed: some google fonts from theme options heading and body text broken in tribe events calendar
fixed: Custom Elements Management breaking ALB Content Slider with ALB shortcode in content
fixed: remove space in ALB Testimonials 'class ='
fixed: Page as footer broken layout (e.g. caused by Block Editor - adding a <p> tag at the beginning)
fixed: ALB Blog Post custom ID not added in grid layout
fixed: ALB Testimonials missing closing section tag when only 1 subitem
fixed: CSS bug curtain footer and menu in sidebar left or right

added: filter 'avf_css_rules_textblock_column_count' - modify CSS rules
added: filter 'avf_css_rules_textblock_column_gap' - modify CSS rules
added: filter 'avf_media_gallery_sortable_filesize' - allows to sort by filesize - please check:
       see https://github.com/KriesiMedia/enfold-library/blob/master/actions%20and%20filters/Images%20and%20Lightbox/avf_media_gallery_sortable_filesize.php
added: filter 'avf_post_slider_meta_content' - remove or change meta data content in ALB Post Slider
added: filter 'avf_magazine_header_content' - allows to change content of a single magazine header element
added: filter 'avf_magazine_skip_excerpt_content_filter' - allows to skip the_content filter

WPML compatibility: Cross Origin Request failed for resources when using seperate domains for languages
  - added: theme support 'custom_uploaded_fonts_relative_url' to use relative urls in dynamic_avia css and merged files
  - added: filter 'avf_custom_uploaded_fonts_url' - change custom uploaded fonts url via filter

updated: Layerslider Version 7.0.5
updated: sync all language files version
updated: Italian language files it_IT (version, provided by BigBatT - info@luigicircello.it)
updated: Dutch language files nl_NL (version provided by EZWebdesign - Roger Hoen )
updated: Hungarian language files hu_HU (version 4.8.7 provided by DECOrpOs - https://github.com/DECOrpOs )
updated: French language files fr_FR (version, provided by comkapi - web@subit.fr)
updated: German language files de_DE_formal 1 small translation error


added: media query support for post css files
added: support to replace AviaHelper::av_mobile_sizes and use post css feature
renamed: theme option color-default_font_size to typo-default_font_size
added: comment to filter 'avf_post_featured_image_link' in loop-index
updated: ALB Icon Grid to support post css file
updated: ALB Magazine to support post css file
performance: moved deprecated framework classes to legacy folder and no longer loaded</p>

Nov 2nd 2021 – Version

feature: ALB columns option to set a custom distance between columns in %

fixed: 0 padding broken in ALB Gridrow Cells

added: filter 'avf_alb_columns_grid_max_distance' - allows to filter maximum ALB column distance for select option
added: filter 'avf_alb_default_column_space' - change default ALB columns grid spacing (= 6%)
added: filter 'avf_no_inline_svg' - supress inline svg (currently used only for logo) - use img tag instead 

Oct 27th 2021 – Version 4.8.7

feature: ALB columns reverse or individual resort order when switching to fullwidth on mobile devices
feature: ALB gridrow reverse or individual resort orderof cells when switching to fullwidth on mobile devices
feature: theme option "Transparency Menu Color On Hover" 
feature: ALB video element option to show fullscreen button for HTML5 videos

fixed: missing comma in CSS for mobile and svg makes svg huge
fixed: button CSS top border issue on :active - removed !important in button.css
fixed: Option Remove query string from static resources breaks invalidation of post css files - option willl be ignored for these files
fixed: ALB Textblock custom element lockable custom CSS class missing
fixed: fullwidth submenu alignment ignored for mobile button
fixed: undefined constant THEMENAME in Mailchimp Newsletter Signup widget
fixed: typography font size not applied in block editor in frontend
fixed: ALB masonry gallery lightbox title not corresponding to options settings for flexible masonry
fixed: ALB magazine category sort buttons break frontend when no entries are found
fixed: svg logo broken when svg tag in multiple lines
fixed: svg logo not displayed for non logged in users
fixed: italien translation breaking selectbox in ALB Image Hotspot tooltip location

tweak: add missing schema.org markup to section background videos and slideshow videos
tweak: accessibility support:
  - added: Accessibility Tab to Theme Extensions Page
  - added: tab key access support to main menu with submenus and megamenu
  - added: visual appearance with keyboard access to menus (focus now equivalent to mouse hover effects)
  - added: attributes role="menuitem" tabindex="0" to menu items
  - added: started support for plugin "One Click Accessibility" ( https://wordpress.org/plugins/pojo-accessibility/ )
  - added: started support for plugin "WP Accessibility" ( https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-accessibility/ )
tweak: remove ":" when empty label text from contact form emails
tweak: extended date filter to "last xxx days/weeks/month/years" for ALB elements:
    Post Slider
    Accordion Slider
    Featured Image Slider

added: filter 'avf_social_media_icon_display_name' - change tooltip display name of icon
added: filter 'avf_form_mail_label' - allows to change label text on E-Mail of a contact form
added: filter 'avf_wp_accessibility_outline_width' - change hardcoded plugin value for focus caret
added: filter 'avf_wp_accessibility_outline_style' - change hardcoded plugin value for focus caret

Following elements have been updated to support post-css file:

    Dropcap 1 (Big Letter)
    Dropcap 2 (Colored Background)
    Fullwidth Sub Menu
    Grid Row + Grid Cells
    OSM - Leaflet Map
    Post Metadata
    Social Buttons

Updated: LayerSlider Version 6.11.9

updated: French language files fr_FR (version, provided by comkapi - web@subit.fr)
updated: Dutch language files nl_NL (version 4.8.7 provided by EZWebdesign - Roger Hoen )
updated: Italian language files it_IT (version 4.8.7, provided by BigBatT - info@luigicircello.it)
updated: sync all language files version 4.8.7

Oct 7th 2021 – Version

feature: ALB Contact Form add elements Headline and Empty Line (allows to structure layout of contactform and e-mails)

tweak: support for relative path for svg files (Logo and Transparency Logo)

fixed: logo disappeared after update
fixed: Animated Countdown shows negative month and days

updated: Italian language files it_IT (version, provided by BigBatT - info@luigicircello.it)

Oct 4th 2021 – Version

feature: svg support for Logo and Header -> Transparency Options -> Transparency Logo (please remove any custom CSS or js)

tweak: manually added color sections support url to background image added to src attribute
tweak: manually added columns support url to background image added to src attribute

fixed: Undefined index: img_scrset in config-templatebuilder/avia-shortcodes/blog/blog.php
fixed: Undefined index: img_scrset in config-templatebuilder/avia-shortcodes/magazine/magazine.php
fixed: Undefined index: img_scrset in config-templatebuilder/avia-shortcodes/postslider/postslider.php
fixed: PHP 8.0.10 fatal error in formatting parameter in includes/admin/option_tabs/avia_blog.php
fixed: Google Analytics new global site tag G-XXXX not working with cookie consent (only old UA-XXXX was working)
fixed: Uncaught TypeError: Argument 1 passed to AviaBuilder::handler_wp_dbx_post_sidebar() caused by 3rd party plugin
fixed: Notice: Undefined variable: the_id in footer.php
fixed: TOC widget does not display headline links without a class
fixed: Google analytics and reCaptcha V2 double counting submit click

added: filter 'avf_upload_svg_images' - allow other users than administrator to upload svg files in media library
added: filter 'avf_svg_images_get_html' - manipulate html of svg image returned
added: filter 'avf_svg_images_header_logo_aspect_ratio' - manipulate preserve_aspect_ratio for svg image
added: filter 'avf_cookie_modal_html_attributes' - additional attributes for cookie modal popup window (data-nosnippet added by default)

updated: sync all language files (


added: class aviaSVGImages with support for loading svg files inline

Sep 27th 2021 – Version

feature: sticky footer with curtain effect for streched layout (theme option "Footer" tab)
feature: new option "Font Hover Color" in Theme options -> Advanced Styling -> "Menu Links in overlay/slide out" 
feature: new theme option "Main Menu -> Menu Handling for Mobile Devices In Landscape Mode" 
feature: Add image size option to following ALB elements:
    - Image
    - Image with hotspots
    - Magazine
    - Masonry
feature: add SEO support for qualified outbound links (rel = sponsored, ugc) to ALB elements
feature: disable responsive images for single ALB elements - must be activated with "add_theme_support( 'avia_show_alb_responsive_image_option' );" 

added: svg and webp to filterlist for ALB image in backend

fixed: CSS for tooltips of social share buttons broken when blog element is disabled
fixed: small CSS improvements for TEC
fixed: avia pagination breaks with additional query parameters
fixed: masonry gallerie CSS for mobile
fixed: highlighted column overlap incorrectly
fixed: Horizontal Gallery not loading full width on first load when added below a Color Section
fixed: CSS for Vertical Timeline Milestone Contentbox ol & ul Bullets missing
fixed: remove duplicated aria-hidden="true" from slide navigation arrows
fixed: CSS TabSections left aligned when Theme Options -> General Layout -> Fixed Frame
fixed: ALB video - all videos repeat after the end, except Youtube videos
fixed: DivisionByZeroError fatal error on Logoslider when SVG images (or image types not having a width) are used

tweak: modify page as footer options text to be more clear
tweak: WooCommerce remove lazy load attribute for main image on single product page because above the fold
tweak: ALB Magazine element added note that options for heading text are found in "Advanced" tab
tweak: remove post titles link on single blog post (linking back to own entry)
tweak: removed "Helvetica Neue" fonts from fallback fonts stack as this is not a free font and not supported PC and some other browsers and devices
tweak: add backend preview for ALB accordion and improve color styling
tweak: add animated backend preview for ALB Progress Bars
tweak: added selector "#header_main .container .logo svg" for logo in js/avia-snippet-sticky-header.js

added: filter 'avf_color_sets' - modify color sets for backend
added: filter 'avf_alb_linkpicker_memory_limit' - modify php memory limit when filling selectbox for linkpicker in ALB elements
added: action 'ava_before_footer_output' - fires after a possible curtain container div had been written
added: action 'ava_after_footer_output' - fires before a possible curtain container container div will be written
added: action 'ava_after_footer' - fires after footer closing div had been written
added: filter 'avf_alb_image_copyright_text' - allows to modify ALB image copyright text e.g. to keep HTML tags
added: filter 'avf_preview_window_js_support' - allows to disable js support in preview windows (currently used by Accordion and Progress Bars)
added: filter 'avf_alb_rel_attr_for_link' - allows to e.g. remove noreferrer from rel attribute of links from ALB elements
added: filter 'avf_show_curtains_media_option' - show theme option to have more control about footer height to switch back to scrolling with page
added: theme support avia_show_alb_responsive_image_option - activates feature to deactivate responsive images in single ALB elements

removed: deprecated “image-rendering: optimizeQuality;” from base.css
removed: theme support 'avia_rel_nofollow_for_links' - replaced by theme option SEO Support -> Support ALB Elements To Qualify Links

compatibility update: jQuery 3.0 ( replace deprecated $( document ).ready( handler ) )

updated: Italian language files it_IT (version, provided by BigBatT - info@luigicircello.it)
updated: Italian language files it_IT (version (close to, provided by BigBatT - info@luigicircello.it)
updated: Dutch language files nl_NL (version (close to, provided by EZWebdesign - Roger Hoen )
updated: sync all language files (
updated: typo in german lanuage files


moved enfoldjsavia-admin-preview.js to enfoldconfig-templatebuilderavia-template-builderassetsjsavia-admin-preview.js

Aug 16th 2021 – Version

feature: ALB Special Heading option for padding around headline text

fixed: Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: aviaShortcodeTemplate::unique_css_element_id(): Argument #1 ($atts) must be of type array
fixed: TEC duplicated HTML before event and after event content
fixed: masonry ajax load more spinner crashes layout during loading
fixed: backwards compatibility with older theme settings export files
fixed: Accordion CSS for elegant style long text overlap +/- icon
fixed: Column 1/1 element custom margin not applying on mobile

Aug 9nd 2021 – Version

fixed: section background color not showing (wrong selector - parallax but no image selected) 
fixed: Accordion stylings not compatible with 4.8.3 inside sections
fixed: Whitespace/Seperator margin ignored due to weak selector
fixed: undefined variable: img_style in av-helper-masonry.php
fixed: TEC link colors on organizer and venue pages

tweak: masonry elements large gap - added 15px padding to center
tweak: replace image background position strings with % values (fixes problem with minification plugins breaking layout)
tweak: add theme option to add ALB elements style rules to html style tags (fix problem with some cache plugins)

added: Accordion element new option "Custom Hover +/- Icon Color" 

added: filter avf_post_css_create_file - allows to skip post css file generation for specific pages (or to overrule theme option setting)

Aug 2nd 2021 – Version 4.8.6

tweak: add support for responsive svg dividers (height: auto and max-height)
tweak: added fallback background-color for gradient colors
tweak: filter avf_ajax_search_excerpt added new parameter $post
tweak: columns - remove #top from selectors for non margin rules
tweak: columns - backwards comp padding 0px as default only adding class av-zero-column-padding and no styling
tweak: svg dividers are hidden when parallax section with overlay

fixed: bottom: -2px for .avia-divider-svg-bottom because of small gap on different screen sizes
fixed: CSS selector bug with equal height columns and custom margin settings being overridden
fixed: Accordion stylings to be backwards compatible prior to 4.8.4
fixed: added #top to hr selector for invisible (whitespace)
fixed: multi input field settings do not show up correct in post css file
fixed: old column shortcodes break output of background color
fixed: masonry elements - paginagtion and load more images not showing

updated: Italian language files it_IT (version 4.8.5, provided by BigBatT - info@luigicircello.it)
updated: Czech language files cs_CZ (5 strings provided by mmotorola - paul.dukista@seznam.cz)

26th July 2021 – Version 4.8.5

feature: theme options to display/hide social profile links on blog posts (please save theme options)

fixed: buttons transparent colors border disappeared and border width settings not working
fixed: iconbox "Content" is ignored
fixed: animated numbers "Description" is ignored
fixed: icon "Optional Tooltip" is ignored
fixed: accordion scrolls to the top when opening/closing toggles
fixed: preview problem with margins with equal height columns
fixed: Special Heading selector for custom margins
fixed: Gallery layout with lightbox broken in chrome browsers
fixed: columns background gradient with transparency

tweak: disable new WP block editor widget screen as not supported by theme at the moment
tweak: svg dividers fill color bound to svg tag and not to path - allows more flexibility for svg structure
tweak: custom svg dividers support attachment id's for normal and negative svg to upload with WP media uploader

added: Austrian language files de_AT 
updated: Dutch language files nl_NL (version 4.8.4, provided by EZWebdesign - Roger Hoen )

20th July 2021 – Version 4.8.4

feature: New styling options for ALB elements:
      - Border
      - Border Radius
      - Box Shadow
      - Gradiant background (linear and radial)
      - Sonar effect - shadow and pulse
      - Custom opacity on hover (for buttons)
      - SVG Dividers

Following elements have been updated (not with all options), will be extended:

      - Animated Numbers (sonar effect, circle border styles when with circle)
      - Button
      - Button Row
      - Columns (SVG Dividers)
      - Fullwidth Button
      - Icon (only custom sonar effect when with border)
      - Icon List
      - Notification Box
      - PromoBox
      - Sections (SVG Dividers)
      - Special Heading (new color options only)
      - Testimonials (new font color)

Following elements have been updated to support post-css file:

      - Accordion
      - Animated Countdown
      - Audio Player
      - Catalogue
      - Comments
      - Headline Rotator
      - Horizontal Gallery
      - Icon Box
      - Image
      - Image with Hotspots
      - Masonry
      - Masonry Gallery
      - Progress Bars
      - Separator / Whitespace
      - Table

feature: Support for new "The Events Calendar V2" layout, as old layout will be deprecated soon (no longer supported by Enfold)
feature: new option "image size" for ALB Masonry Gallery
feature: new option "Minimum Column Height" for ALB columns

accessibility feature: close ajax search with esc button

performance: ALB testimonials move background image to img tag (responsive, lazy loading)

fixed: responsive element visibility not working in ALB Tab Section element
fixed: minor CSS syntax bugs
fixed: ALB Gallery thumb layout broken on chrome
fixed: broken layout in Product List element when excerpt has links
fixed: filter 'avia_social_share_link_arguments' not adding custom links if they do not exist in Blog Layout checkboxes
fixed: scrset and sizes attribute for logo set with URL and not ID
fixed: readded logo dimension for responsive images for better page speed ranking
fixed: occasionally reported warning: Creating default object from empty value in asset-manager.class.php on line 897
fixed: Google Maps scrolls to maps automatically when "Display Tooltip by default" option is enabled
fixed: smoothscroll functionality broken since jQuery 3.x

tweak: replaced in header ".phone-info span" with ".phone-info div" for better styling possibilities
tweak: escape url in pagination links to avoid code injection
tweak: restructured modal popup options grouping in ALB columns

updated: Google Maps API Version to 3.45
updated: Layerslider to version 6.11.8

updated: Italian language files it_IT (version (close to 4.8.4), provided by BigBatT - info@luigicircello.it)
updated: French language files fr_FR (version 4.8.3, provided by comkapi - web@subit.fr)
updated: sync all language files


added: folder config-templatebuilderavia-template-builderphpbase-classes
added: folder config-templatebuilderavia-template-builderphptraits
refactored code in class Avia_Popup_Templates
renamed files in config-templatebuilderavia-template-builderphp to class-xxxx.php
modal popup 'parent_not_in_array', 'parent_in_array' changed seperator from space to ','
started using namespace - will be extended in future releases
started to move custom stylings from html inline style attribute to post specific CSS file with selectors
started to split shortcode_handler() logic in a "Create Style Section" and a "Create HTML Section" 
$.AviaTooltip extended support to be closed with keyboard events (e.g. ESC key for ajax search box)

New filters (not a complete list):

added: filter 'avf_post_css_management_activate_cron' - disable cron job to delete css files
added: filter 'avf_post_css_management_files_directory' - directory where post specific css files are stored
added: filter 'avf_css_rules_transition' - modify css rules
added: filter 'avf_css_rules_animation' - modify css rules
added: filter 'avf_css_rules_box_shadow' - modify css rules
added: filter 'avf_css_rules_border_radius' - modify css rules
added: filter 'avf_css_rules_gradiant_color' - modify css rules
added: action 'ava_ajax_cet_cpt_actions_handler' - fired when a cet has been created,or cet data changed
added: action 'ava_ajax_cet_update_content' - fired when content of a cet has been updated
added: action 'ava_ajax_cet_delete' - fired when a cet has been deleted
added: filter 'avf_available_border_styles_options' - modify available border options in ALB
added: filter 'avf_svg_shapes_native_files_directory' - modify directory for native svg shapes
added: filter 'avf_svg_shapes_custom_files_directory' - modify directory for custom svg shapes to upload
added: filter 'avf_native_svg_shapes' - modify native svg shapes array

added: theme support 'avia_log_cron_job_messages' to log cron job and deleted files

May 28th 2021 – Version 4.8.3

feature: added scroll arrows to ALB Tab Section header when tab buttons are out of viewport
feature: theme option Layout Builder -> Custom Color Palette allows to add up to 22 custom colors
feature: ALB Social Share Buttons extended (renamed to Social Buttons)
    - 6 New stylings added
    - Selectbox to "Share" or "Link to Profile" 
    - A "Link to Profile" can be set to override theme default setting
    - Profile only buttons added to selection list (display as profile link when share selected)
feature: Theme Options -> Blog Layout -> Share links at the bottom of your blog post new option to support same stylings as ALB Social Buttons)
feature: responsive lightbox images for featured image (responsive lightbox images still in beta but should be supported now everywhere)

fixed: typo in loop-about-author.php
fixed: PHP < 8.0 bug in case statement for responsive image in lightbox
fixed: translation string inconsistent single/multiple in frameworkphpclass-tgm-plugin-activation.php
fixed: Leaflet marker popup not working on safari
fixed: undefined value notice $output in function avia_wc_print_single_product_notices
fixed: responsive images for logo not working
fixed: scroll to next section fails when section is hidden (e.g. device depending)
fixed: js bug when conditional sticky sidebar in fixed frame
fixed: exclude Custom Elements Post Type from WP Search Query
fixed: icon grid flipbox links not working on mobile

accessibility: replace the order of search button that search field gets focus first

added: ALB contact form new option "Autorespond Text After Form Labels" 

added: filter 'avf_slide_navigation_arrows_html' - modify styling of navigation arrows
added: filter 'avf_slide_navigation_dots_html' - modify styling of navigation dots
added: filter 'avf_social_share_buttons_order' - allows to rearrange the social buttons (https://github.com/KriesiMedia/enfold-library/blob/master/actions%20and%20filters/ALB%20Elements/Social%20Buttons/avf_social_share_buttons_order.php)
added: filter 'avf_masonry_entry_title' - allows to use shortcodes in title for ALB masonry element
added: filter 'avf_masonry_entry_content' - allows to use shortcodes in excerpt/content for ALB masonry element
added: filter 'avf_masonry_query_no_entries_fallback' - allows to return empty masonry content instead of all other terms

Moved class-tgm-plugin-activation.php to enfoldframeworkphplegacyclass-tgm-plugin-activation.php (unused class)

updated: German language files (all 3) wrong translation on theme options page
updated: Italian language files it_IT (version, provided by BigBatT - info@luigicircello.it)
updated: Dutch language files nl_NL  (version, provided by EZWebdesign - Roger Hoen )
updated: sync all language files

April 20th 2021 – Version 4.8.2

Performance: remove not necessary database queries in frontend for CET's
Performance feature: added scrset and sizes attributes to logo (in header) to support retina screen plugins
Performance feature: added scrset and sizes attributes to lightbox images( magnificPopup )
  - theme option to activate/disable feature
  - currently in beta, following ALB elements are supported, other elements will follow
    - Catalogue
    - Portfolio Grid
    - Accordion Slider
    - Easy Slider
    - Fullscreen Slider
    - Fullwidth Easy Slider
    - Gallery
    - Horizontal Gallery
    - Image
    - Masonry Gallery
    - Partner/Logo Element

feature: new demo importer, download demo files from external server, save to folder uploads/avia_demo_files and delete after import
feature: ALB element Open Street Maps - open source responsive map with markers based on "Leaflet Maps" plugin - no keys or account is required

added: ALB IconGrid option to flip back on mobile/touchscreens when clicking outside icongrid
added: theme option for add-to-cart message for ALB products on single product page
added: theme option to hide themes WPML language flags (Header -> Extra Elements)
added: link to preview Google Webkit Fonts in theme options Styling -> Fonts tab (provided by Guenni007)

fixed: few typos in 4.8
fixed: CSS for header overlapping logo when using menu above style
fixed: Copyright and blog info name part is missing in default copyright text in footer
fixed: aria lighthouse warnings -added aria-hidden="true" tabindex="-1" to slideshow arrows
fixed: WC cart page non numeric amount returns NaN when clicking +/- button - fallback to 0
fixed: breadcrumb trail doubles entries for subpages
fixed: Cookie popup always open up while switching between the languages in WPML
fixed: broken strings in shortcode buttons tooltips and modal popup toggle container bar (unescaped characters)
fixed: ALB magazine responsive options not working
fixed: Missing author name at Entries by ... on author archive page
fixed: not possible to collapse meta boxes under Layout Builder when Block editor is active (hack only, WP bug attaching $handles.on( 'click.postboxes', this.handle_click ); twice)
fixed: Google Maps js error Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘trim’ of undefined for empty marker tooltip
fixed: Events Calender fallback to old design because of broken layout when updated calendar design option enabled and style fixes (updated design currently not properly supported)
fixed: PHP 8 bug in helper-conditional-megamenu.php
fixed: ALB Notification box js cookie warning and js scope variables bug

tweak: Theme option "Manually manage loaded elements" checkboxes show info about usage (in Performance Tab)
tweak: deprecate framework code for dynamic pages no longer needed
tweak: make id attributes unique on theme options pages ($avia_elements)
tweak: added esc_attr() to AviaHelper::create_data_string()
tweak: WooCommerce - added support for out of stock message on single product page built with ALB
tweak: fix possible vulnerability located in framework/php/class-media.php (reported by “Julien Legras and Guillaume André of Synacktiv (https://synacktiv.com)”)

added: filter 'avf_responsive_images_active' - allow to  override theme options setting
added: filter 'avf_responsive_images_lightbox_active'- allow to override theme options setting
added: filter 'avf_alb_lightbox_image_size' - allows to change lightbox image size from default 'Large' for each used ALB element ( in $context )
added: filter 'avf_avia_builder_helper_lightbox_size' new parameters
added: filter 'avf_image_metadata_lightbox_link' - remove or alter title and alt attribute for lightbox ($context parameter)
added: filter 'avf_lightbox_show_alt_text' - use alt text for lightbox when title is missing
added: filter 'avf_demo_import_folder_name' allows to change destination folder name
added: filter 'avf_demo_import_settings' allows to change config array for import
added: filter 'avf_avia_leaflet_maps_enabled': modify theme setting
added: filter 'avf_leaflet_maps_params': add or modify maps and marker shortcode parameters
added: filter 'avf_leaflet_maps_output': add additional maps shortcodes
added: filter 'avf_theme_options_pages' - allows to add custom theme option tabs or modify
added: filter 'avf_theme_options_elements' - allows to modify theme options elements
added: filter 'avf_custom_elements_buttons_sort_order_ - allows a custom sort order for CET shortcode buttons in ALB editor
added: filter 'avf_wc_single_product_notice_box' - allows to alter default WC notice box on single product page

updated: magnificPopup version 1.2.1
updated: LayerSlider version 6.11.7

  - deprecated class avia_breadcrumb
  - deprecated breadcrumb functions in file framework/php/class-breadcrumb.php
  - new class avia_breadcrumb_trail
  - split theme option tabs and tab content in seperate files and code refactor
  - added backend check for unique id attributes ($avia_elements) on theme option pages

Demo developers - see our docu https://kriesi.at/documentation/enfold/import-demos/

updated: Dutch language files nl_NL  (version 4.8, 4.8.1,, provided by EZWebdesign - Roger Hoen )
updated: Italian language files it_IT (version, provided by BigBatT - info@luigicircello.it)
updated: French language files fr_FR (provided by comkapi)
updated: language files German (wrong translations)
updated: sync all language files

March 6th 2021 – Version 4.8.1

fixed: additional <br /> tag since 4.8 in ALB page in frontend
improved: extend invalid character warning to include that valid HTML is accepted and can be used
updated: italien language files it_IT

Mar. 3rd 2021 – Version 4.8

compatibility update: WP 5.6 
compatibility update: jQuery 3.5.1 (remove deprecated up to 3.5 - excluding jQuery.proxy())
compatibility update: PHP 8.0

feature: ALB custom elements - allow an editable layout of ALB elements on your site
feature: WPML support for custom elements
feature: ALB product grid new option for image sizes
feature: ALB product slider new option for image sizes
feature: New option in contact form to support full allowed special email character set (https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/E-Mail-Adresse#Der_Lokalteil_(Local_Part)
feature: ALB Animated Countdown extended for months and years

fixed: Pagination not working for page 1 for some ALB elements
fixed: replaced avia_sc_toggle::counter in config-templatebuilderavia-shortcodestabstabs.php with avia_sc_tab::$counter
fixed: xss vulnerability on search results and archive pages
fixed: full screen ALB editing is covered by the WordPress sidebar
fixed: Chrome Lighthouse warning for slideshow prev/next buttons "elements contain focusable descendants" 
fixed: some minor typos in UI reported by user (might cause missing translations)
fixed: bug in demo importer when more than 1 options page 'parent' used
fixed: notice "undefined property id on null" - call to wp_dropdown_pages() in AviaHtmlHelper::select_hierarchical_post_types()
fixed: save theme options page creates "undefined" options key for required input field (attr name is undefined)
fixed: alternate menu for mobile not working with WordPress 5.6
fixed: block editor and ALB shortcode with no parameters breaks backend
fixed: theme options save buttons not always disabled on page load
fixed: ALB masonry "Link" post type trimming the external url
fixed: Archives "Portfolio Category" and "Tags" pagination not working
fixed: disabling reviews in WooCommerce -> Settings -> Product option does not remove them from single product pages
fixed: lightbox images not translated with WPML
fixed: ALB Icon grid flipbox links not working in content
fixed: ALB sort shortcode dropdown visible when ALB is locked
fixed: ALB Events Countdown not working properly
fixed: remove parameters from youtube video embed: showinfo, playlist (config-templatebuilderavia-shortcodesav-helper-slideshow.php)
fixed: WPML theme options language switcher URL continuously adds lang=xx when switching languages
fixed: CSS for dragged menu indentation

tweak: Make ALB compatble with LearnDash plugin in backend
tweak: Remove "special character" warning message from code block textarea (might be confusing)
tweak: ALB Page Content allows to select and display private content (filterable) in frontend
tweak: support for multiple theme options pages (including WPML)
tweak: clear av_uid when cloning ALB element(s) or "Save as template" 
tweak: move theme option "Preprocessing Shortcodes In Header" to SEO tab
tweak: ALB audio player loop check support for special characters (e.g. greek) in href (- song title)
tweak: new option for Layerslider to supress theme forced options settings
tweak: ensure that WPML language theme options are in sync with main options
tweak: function avia_is_200 is using curl or get_headers() as fallback
tweak: moved avia_hamburger_menu() code to avia-snippet-hamburger-menu.js for easier customization

added: new YouTube social icon to icon font
added: support for new Google 4 Analytics Tracking Codes G-XXXXX
added: support for webp images in lightbox
added: WPML global theme options support across all languages

added: filter avf_logo_dimension: change predefined logo dimensions
added: filter avf_alb_masonry_img_custom_link_fallback: allow to change behaviour as up to 
added: filter 'avf_page_content_post_status': allowed post status for ALB page content element
added: filter 'avf_alb_attachment_id': allows to change ID of attachment( e.g. for WPML to translate attachment ID )
added: filter 'avf_tab_section_link_hash': filter hash value for ALB tab section (e.g. replace non ASCII with custom value instead of removing)
added: filter 'avf_valid_href': allows to replace invalid removed characters
added: filter 'avf_portfolio_grid_excerpt': Allows to add custom content to portfolio grid
added: filter 'avf_alb_popup_templates_named_colors': filter named colors array in ALB modal popup template
added: action 'ava_theme_options_elements_tab': allows to add theme options directly when a tab is finished
added: filter 'avf_theme_options_heading_desc': allows to extend theme options heading text
added: filter 'avf_breadcrumbs_external' - Allow to shortcut breadcrumb trail
added: filter 'avf_avia_is_200_timeout': set a timeout in case of wrong false results checking if a fileurl exists
added: filter 'avf_avia_is_200_alternate_check': allows to use another logic to check if a fileurl exists

updated: french language files fr_FR
updated: dutch language files nl_NL  (
updated: german language files de_DE
updated: turkish language files tr_TR
updated: norwegian language files nb_NO
updated: italien language files it_IT
updated: all language files synchronised (obsolete strings removed, corrected typos might result in untranslated strings)
updated: Magnific Popup for WP 5.6
updated: Isotop for WP 5.6
updated: Layerslider v6.11.5
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    Enfold – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme
    by: Kriesi

Enfold – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme
This is one magnificent ingredient.

business business, church, construction, corporate, ecommerce, fashion, hotel, multi purpose, one page, parallax, photography, portfolio, restaurant, retina, travel

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Enfold – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme
Enfold – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme



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